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Our Story

e-learning specialized in preparing cadres ,develop their skills, qualifying them academically, professionally and practically for the labor market in various fields serving the middle east area Africa.
Offering video courses by Arabic for Arabic people and professional Certificates.

Our Vision 02

Our Vision

To be the leading e-learning(platform ) in providing a range of high quality and value services, to provide services that are always above the expectations of our customers and to hire the best professionals and use the latest scientific methods and tools in order to achieve the organizational distinction in various business organizations.

Our Mision 03

Our Mision

Image Education works on qualifying trainees to be able to compete and work in the fields in which they receive training; through providing academic training, professional training in a distinguished professional environment, effective societal partnership and a supportive administrative system.

Our Goals

  • 1 Train the trainees and develop their cababilities.

  • 2 providing distinct trainers.

  • 3 Ongoing development of training programs.

  • 4 Building an effective partnership at the local, international and global level.

  • 5 Providing new educational opportunities for trainees who have missed the opportunity to receive higher education.

  • 1 Qualifying trainees for the labor market professionally and academically.

  • 2 Designing curriculums in family and child sciences.

  • 3 Developing children and mothers’ skills.

  • 4 Encouraging e-learning study in all theoretical and professional areas regarding bachelors, master's and doctoral degrees.

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